Friday, 21 August 2009

some art

This is a painting I did of my friend Danni sitting on a train. I painted it from a photo I took of her when we were on our way back from Camden. It's the final piece for my first year 13 art project entitledc'Appearances'. A2 board.

I got my A Level results yesterday. eeek! not really. So many people were stressing out about them, worrying that they weren't going to be able to get into uni blah blah blah. The majority did. Good for them. The only reason I was worrying is because I wasn't worrying, if you get my drift. But seeing as I got accepted into college to do an art foundation diploma thingamyjig, an unconditional offer, my results didn't really matter. Plus the marking scheme for a level art is a bitch anyway. Seems like it's more about quantity than quality. Sucks.

Anyway, the piece below is the final piece for the last ever art project I will do at that school; the 15 hour exam piece. It's on an A1 board. The title of that project was 'The Swinging Sixties'. Loved it. I love The Beatles and that whole era so it was the project for me, (although it was a very tough choice between that and the 'Once upon a time' title).

The girl in the painting is my best friend Anna, and she's also the one in the multiple photos at the bottom. The vinyl with the green CND symbol on it is actually a vinyl stuck down on the board. I painted the CND symbol on myself. The background is a watercolour wash and I used acryllic for everything else I painted. If I had had even a little bit more time, there would be more of the Peter Max style flowers in the background. As it was, I didn't, so there isn't. Still, I'm quite proud of it :)

I can't wait til college!

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  1. I had a funny feeling you were an Art Student (title maybe) :)
    Some good stuff there, high level of skill for someone starting college.

    After doing 2 years National Dip
    I must say Uni is loads better
    Keep the good work up