Tuesday, 18 August 2009

First Entry

Basically i figured i'd have ago at creating an internet blog, seeing as i'm on the internet quite a bit more these days (thanks to a friend who introduced me to a load of webcomics, that i subsequently got addicted to :D).
Also i thought it'd be a good way to be able to rant and rave about stuff that i wouldn't usually (?) because i'm sure none of my friends'd actually read this, which i s'pose isn't really a bad thing.
This blog will be compiled of completely random entries, and what not, whenever i have the chance :)

I really want to read Alice In Wonderland, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. I was just thinking about the rumours that Lewis Carroll was inspired by the effects magic mushrooms had on him to write the books and wondering if they're true or not, or if there is any evidence, or way of finding out if he ever actually ate shrooms of any kind... Hmmm....

so the League of Extrordinary Gentlemen is on filmfour, it's s'posed to be good, so i'm watching it. Well, not really watching it, just got in on in the background. No doubt i'll make a hot choc, get some strawberries from the fridge and sit down to watch it properly in a bit. Where's the ad-break? Maybe I'll start watching it properly from the beginning at 10 on +1.

My mum asked me to paint the bathroom today, because i got some dark pink hair dye on the wall and it won't come off. Whoops.

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